About Us


School Culture and Focuses:
Academically, socially, and emotionally, the middle school brain has a unique set of developmental needs. The staff at our school are committed to holistically supporting student growth using research-based practices (rooted in neuroscience. Two main focuses will be nurtured school-wide:
•    Support of social and emotional learning:
This includes character development, empathy building, enhancing student leadership skills, increasing resilience/grit, and increasing a student’s ability to see outside their own needs. There will also be opportunities for students to have fun and develop meaningful relationships with their school community. In this work, our staff believes it is critical to partner with families, so that together, we can help students become their best self.
•    Support academic learning through consistent real-world application:
This includes differentiated instruction for individual students needs and intentional focus on innovative learning experiences to increase engagement and to increase problem-solving and analysis skills. In addition, elective options will connect directly to 21st century real-world application. Potential examples: tech applications, coding, robotics, food sustainability, environmental science, forensic science, digital art, developmental health/PE, and music (with potential future options for orchestra, choir, guitar)