History of School Mascot



As a representation of the school, mascots are an important part of school culture. They symbolize qualities of a population and can unite a student body. Through voting process in the winter of 2019, the student and staff community used their voice to choose our school mascot. As students and staff considered the historical vote, they were prompted to connect the identified mascot to the school attributes. On January 10th, the “Timberwolves” was named as the new mascot.

Also known as grey wolves, Timberwolves live in the upper elevations of the local area. Timberwolves are pack animals that rely on their community and value connection. They display resilience and courage. Timberwolves also trust their instincts. We believe that the Timberwolf is a meaningful symbol that represents our students and unites our school community. As Rudyard Kipling stated, “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”