History of School Name


Names are very important. A name has potential not only to connect us to the past, but to connect a community in the present. A name has the potential to give purpose, garner respect, and define collective efforts. With this in mind, a Naming Committee (made up of students, staff, and parents) was created to guide this intentional work. The student body submitted 105 name ideas for the committee to review. The Naming Committee had interest to intentionally choose name choices that illicit inclusion, unify the student body, give purpose, and honor the history of the land and natural environment. The committee identified 4 names for the student body to vote on.

Together we learned, that in the late 1880s, the economy of the Redmond area prospered because of the massive Cedar, Hemlock, and Fir trees that occupied the land. Specifically, near the location of our new school, the timber fallen on Novelty Hill, fueled the growth of jobs, industry, and residential homes as loggers relocated and the city grew to accommodate them.

The Naming Committee considered this history as well as the intentional efforts made by architects and designers of our new building to honor the recently fallen timber on the property by repurposing Cedar and Douglas Fir trees into surfaces found in the building.

On December 3, 2018, the LWSD School Board approved the name: Timberline Middle School.   Timberline is a word that means “the highest location where trees thrive and grow.” This definition and name symbolically connects to students. We believe this name honors the history of the land and natural environment. We also believe this name defines the purpose for our community as we diligently work to create an environment that helps students not just grow, but to thrive in connection, integrity, kindness, empathy, resilience, and service to others.