Timberline Athletics 2024 - 2025

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New Middle School Athletics Format

- Beginning 2024 - 2025 School Year - 

- 3 Interscholastic Sessions (8 weeks each) - Competing against other schools.
- 6 Intramural Sessions (2 weeks each) - Competing with other TMS students.
- Tryout and Non-tryout sports each session
- No regional program

Tryout Sports vs. Non-Tryout Sports       

Tryout sports - 

  • Limited number of sports.
  • Coaches will evaluate athletes' skill and abilities to the best of their ability.
  • Coaches will use evaluation criteria for selections
  • Coaches will communicate results/selections in small groups.  Team rosters and level (Varsity/Junior Varsity) will be posted on Microsoft Teams or communicated through FinalForms.
  • Tryouts will be 3-4 days.  Separated into Varsity and Junior Varsity depending on evaluated skill and abilities.
  • Athletes must be present during tryouts to be considered.  Athletes may miss up to one day and still be considered for team selections.

Non-Tryout sports - 

  • All athletes of all skill levels are welcome
  • Due to transportation limitations and obstacles, away competitions have limited travel numbers. Coaches will make a rotation to try and have each athlete compete at an away competition.  (Size of team will determine if it is possible).
Not making a Team
  • Student athletes who are not selected for a Varsity or Junior Varsity team have the opportunity to participate in non-tryout sports for that season.  Additionally, the practices held for try-outs will be included in the 8 practices required to be eligible for the first competition.
  • We encourage all student athletes who are not chosen to join an intramural session.  This provides an excellent opportunity for them to enhance their skills in a supportive environment.
Payment Format (Interscholastic Seasons)

Tryout-Sports - 

  • Payments will be open for one week after try-outs and team selections have been made.
  • Failure to pay within the window will result in non-participation of athlete until payment is made

Non-Tryout Sports - 

  • Payment window will be opened approximately 4 weeks (including holidays) before the first practice for each session.  The payment window will close one week after the first practice.
  • Failure to pay within the window result in non-participation of athlete until payment is made.
Practice Times
  • Practice times will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Practice times will range from 1 hour to 2 hours.
  • Coaches will communicate how long practices will be.  (Some sports take longer to set-up)
  • Practices are closed to the community
  • Athletes are required to be present at 8 practices before being eligible for the first competition.
  • Regardless of excuse, students must be physically present and participating in practice for it to count towards the 8 initial practices.
  • Once the athlete has been present and participated in 8 practices they are eligible for all season competitions.
  • Attendance is taken at each practice.  Parents will be notified of absences regardless of pre-arranged absence.
  • Attendance is required at try-outs.  Athletes may miss up to one try-out day and still be considered for team selections.
  • Full commitment is required for try-out sports.  Multiple unexcused absences can result in removal from the team.
  • School Attendance - Students must be present for half of the school day (3 out of 6 periods) to be eligible for same day practices and competitions.
  • Transportation is only provided for athletes from TMS to the opponent's school and from the opponent's school back to TMS on competition days.
  • Parents/Guardians are required to pick up athletes at the front of TMS after practices and after buses return from competitions.  Failure to pick up promptly can result in student not being able to participate.
  • Families are allowed to come and watch athletes but must follow all school rules and appropriate sportsmanship protocols when on LWSD school property.
  • Students - Communication will be through the specific sports' Microsoft Teams page.  Once added to the Microsoft Teams page you can find schedules, team rosters, coaches' information, and a channel for general questions.
  • Parents - Communication will be through email.  Coaches will also be handing out an information packet on the first day of practice to bring home.


Season 1 (9/9/24 - 11/1/24)

Co-Ed Cross-Country*


Boys Badminton

Girls Badminton

Boys Soccer

Girls Tennis

*Non-tryout sport

Intramurals (11/4/24 - 12/20/24)

CO-ed dodgeball
Co-Ed Basketball (3 on 3)
Co-Ed Volleyball

All Non-Tryout Sports

Season 2 (1/6/25 - 4/5/25)

Boys Basketball
Girls basketball
Co-ed wrestling*

*Non-Tryout Sport

intramurals (3/3/25 - 4/11/25)

Co-ed ultimate frisbee
Co-Ed Floor Hockey/Indoor Soccer
Raquet Sports

All Non-Tryout Sports

Season 3 (4/21/25 - 6/13/25)

girls volleyball
Girls SOccer
Boys Tennis
CO-ed Track & Field*

*Non-Tryout Sport