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Initial Meeting Information

On Thursday, 9/16 we held an initial meeting about the requirements to join Science Olympiad.  Please read through the attached pdf document if you were unable to attend.

Initial Meeting Notes

Last year we had great success here at Timberline placing in nationals in the top 15 out of all the top state winning schools in the United States!  This is due to our tremendous dedication from students, parents, and other community members to this program. 

Here is some information to help you better understand the requirements of our competitive ASB  club.   Please read through the attached charter document and the following details to determine your interest in the club and see if it is the right fit for you.

TMS Science Olympiad Club Charter 2021-22                                                                                           


SCIENCE OLYMPIAD is a competitive ASB club with limited available spots for students to participate.  We can only take 90 students each year to form 6 teams of 15 students.  Returning students will be given preference to sign-up first in late Spring, then remaining spots will be filled only in the fall from new registrations on a first come first serve basis. 

Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events in Division B for middle school. Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering, and technology. By combining events from all disciplines, Science Olympiad encourages a wide cross-section of students to get involved. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation. Through Science Olympiad, students, teachers, parents, principals, and business leaders bond together and work toward a shared goal. Teamwork and collaboration is a required skill in most scientific careers in the 21st century today, and Science Olympiad encourages group learning by designing events that forge alliances.

Science Olympiad (


Time commitment expectations vary from team to team.

  • Students will usually get at least 3 events and this equals a minimum of 8 to 10 hours per week, balanced between weekly event meetings, individual practice, team meetings etc.  
  • Several students that participate in SO also participate in Robotics and other extra-curricular activities. We do not discourage students from participating in other activities, but we do require students to prioritize Science Olympiad in the event of schedule conflicts with other events.
  • Build events do require a substantial amount of time more than study events and this should be taken into consideration as well when choosing events. Students have to build and make many prototypes with various practices throughout the year.



STEP 1: Read through our charter  to ensure you can commit to the club requirements before attending the general informational meeting in mid-September.

STEP 2: If interested, please attend the informational meeting in September.  This will be announced through the PTSA announcements, Principal’s bulletin, and other school announcement platforms.

STEP 3: Fill out the enrollment google form for the registration process by the due date that is provided after the meeting.  Late registrations on our enrollment form will lead to students being unable to be placed on a team and serve on our wait list.

STEP 4: Wait for an email from Ms. Wondercheck and other Science Olympiad coaches to determine if you have been selected for a team or have been put on our wait list.

STEP 5: Pay ASB  dues of $75 if you have been selected for a team.    

STEP 6: Start working with your science Olympiad team and coach to determine events, practice times, meetings, etc.

We look forward to continued success in our SCIENCE OLYMPIAD club this school year and having new dedicated members join our club.