Season 1

Season 1- Boys' Tennis, Boys' Basketball, Co-ed Cross Country
1st season sports: September 9 - October 25, 2019
Times and meeting places are as follows: 
Boys' Basketball Regionals: 3-4 M, TH or T, F Varsity/JV: 4:05-5:15 M,T,TH, F
Coaches: Varsity/JV: Carslav Trifunovic Regional: Daniel Wojcek Regional: Dawn Smith
Basketball Information Below
Boys' Tennis: JV: 3-4 M, TH or T, F Varsity: 4:05 -5:15
Coaches: Varsity: June Evanson JV: Ryan Beise
There is a one-hour study hall prior to practice for varsity tennis athletes.
Varsity Tennis Information Below
Co-ed Cross Country: 3-4 meet in the commons 
Coaches: Varsity: Ryan Jones and Shannon Etnyre
 JV/Regional: Mark Blomquist and Melisa Hacievliyagil
Cross Country information Below
Full practice/match schedules will be posted to PowerSchool Learning during the 1st week of practice.
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