Sports - Academic Probation

We have a process for checking kids grades and how they are held accountable for their grades while participating in athletics.  Here is the outline of this process for the TMS grade check.  This same process will repeat itself throughout the year in all the seasons except during intramural (as it is only a 2-week season).  

•    Our registrar will perform a grade pull for all athletes participating in the current season two weeks into the season.
•    All student athletes who have a failing grade (as an overall grade) will be identified.
•    I will run the list of students past the counselors to see if there is anything I should know about any particular grade/student supports in effect.

Students will then receive a “probation letter”.
•    The probation letter states they can continue to participate for 10 school days while working on their grade.  
•    The student needs to go to every teacher’s class that they have an “F” in during those 10 days and have them fill out the paper (it will ask for their current grade and their effort in the class).
•    The student needs to return it to me (Jones) via school mail box or physically in the gym.
•    If students complete the form and raise their grade, they continue to participate in their sport
•    If students either don’t raise their grade and/or don’t complete the form in the 10-day probation period than they will be asked to stop playing until they can raise their grade(s) – once they are able to raise their grades than they can return to participating.

Copy of Student Letter