Counseling Mission Statement

Our mission as a counseling staff at Timberline Middle School is to deliver a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective lifelong learners and respectful and compassionate humans.

Counseling Vision Statement

Our vision as a counseling staff at Timberline Middle School is to create and promote a culture of thinking, self-knowledge, openness, and respect for one another.  We will strive to cultivate curiosity and the excitement to learn and grow while building a strong sense of community through collaboration, service, and intentional openness and respect for the thinking of others. In helping guide this, we hope to create future mature adults who are confident in solving problems and possess critical thinking skills that will allow them to be well adjusted and healthy contributors to their community and society.

Information about Counselors and how we support our community at Timberline Middle School

Counselors at Timberline are available to support students with academic achievement and organization, personal/social development and emotional regulation, and guidance on future planning and goals, along with many other things. 

Students are able to stop by the counseling office any time during “in class schooling” to sign up to meet with their counselor. 

A few examples for reasons that a student may meet with their counselor include: 

•    Need assistance with organization to help improve academic success

•    Have a question or need assistance with their class schedule

•    Need help with a personal problem or are having a friendship challenge

•    Experience harassment or bullying- toward themselves or others (we have strict confidentiality protocols when students are reporting an issue of this nature)

•    Need financial assistance for school related items

•    Have any type of question or are facing an issue that is causing stress 

•    Want to say hello and get acquainted 

Parents may want to contact the counselor when: 
•    Want assistance with educational planning
           Correct academic level placement, extra interventions, and support
•    Want to discuss academic concerns across multiple classes
            If only 1 or 2 classes are affected, contact the specific teachers directly
•    Need financial assistance
            Free/reduced lunch, school supplies and fees, sports fees, College Bound scholarships
•    Have difficulties at home that may affect student learning
            For example: death, divorce, change in living situation or finances
•    Need referrals for community resources
            For example: child/family counseling, drug/alcohol counseling, tutoring services

What counselor to contact based on last name:

Jackie Coons  (A-K)  (425) 936-2824
Toby Doyle (L-Z)  (425) 936-2824 

 Rowan, YES Behavioral Support Specialist, (425) 747-4937 Extension: 2717

Book an Appointment

Need to talk to your counselor? 

Students: Sign in on the clipboards in the counseling office.  You may also email your counselor using the addresses below.

Parents: Call the counseling office (425) 936-2824 to book an appointment or use the email addresses below.

Jackie Coons (A-K)

Toby Doyle (L-Z)

We look forward to seeing you!

Mental Health Resources

Looking for Mental Health Resources?  Please click here.