7th Grade Timberline Registration

7th Grade Registration process for TMS for next school year 2023-24

Counselors will be in 6th grade classes on Tuesday, January 10th to present to students.  We will be going over the course catalogue, handing out a planning sheet for their classes for next year, and answering any questions.  On Tuesday January 17th, we will be back in classes to help students register online for next year.  It is our hope that during the time between the 10th and the 17th, they can look at the course catalogue and select classes that are of interest to them for the following year. 

Students are not guaranteed electives that they choose, but we try our best to get students in the classes they request as much as possible.  We also allow students the ability to try and change electives in the first two weeks of school if they do not get placed in the electives they chose, but again, there is no guarantee.


7th Grade Courses - Required classes are all automatically scheduled:

•Language Arts        (full year) Required

•Social Studies         (full year) Required

•Math                          (full year) Required

•Science                    (full year) Required

•Health                       (1 semester) Required

•PE or Dance           (1 semester) Required


7th grade course catalogue

7th grade Registration Planning Sheet

7th grade PowerPoint

If you have other questions about 7th grade courses or registration, please email your child’s assigned counselor by alpha last name:

Last names A- K: Jackie Coons jcoons@lwsd.org

Last names L-Z: Toby Doyle tdoyle@lwsd.org