Returning to School

Here you will find a list of resources to help get you ready for the return to school on April 19, 20201.  We can't wait to see you back!

Arrival at School

  1. Morning Drop Off
    1. Student arriving from  car/bus/bike/walking
    2. Mask on
    3. Have student ID card or laptop barcode
    4. Go straight to attestation line based on first class of the day
    5. Entering the building based on floor.  Students line up according to their 1st class of the day
      1. 1st floor - Main entrance (see Map)
      2. 2nd floor - Wolf den entrance (see Map)
      3. 3rd floor - West stairs entrance (see Map)
    6. If a student arrives late because of an apt-use main doors and still do attestation


  1. Students line up according to their 1st class of the day
    1. 1st floor - Main entrance
    2. 2nd floor - Wolf den entrance
    3. 3rd floor - West stairs entrance
  2. Students need to have materials out and ready as they near the entrance and attestation station

Screening Station

Student will approach table

STEP 1: Screener ensures student has a mask.

STEP 2: Screener will take temperature of student:

• If temperature reading is over 100.4 student will be escorted to the Q-Room or sent home with the parent/guardian if they are with them.

STEP 3: For secondary Students: Screener asks if they have any symptoms – if student has any symptoms:

• they will be escorted to the Q-Room or sent home with the parent/guardian if they are with them.

If no symptoms:

STEP 4: Screener checks off student from student list provided by the school office manager for the Attestation Log and place form in bin.

STEP 5: Screener has student use hand sanitizer and they can enter the building.

  1. Forgot your form?  Pick one up at the front table in the front of the building.

How to Read Your Schedule

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "For Students and Families"
  3. Click no "Skyward Student Access"
  4. Choose "Schedule" from the Skyward menu
  5. View "Term 4" for Quarter 4
  6. Print your schedule or write down the room numbers for each period

Note: Rooms starting with a '1' are on the first floor, rooms starring with a '2' are on the second floor, rooms staring with a '3' are on the third floor.

End of Day Dismissal

  1. Dismissal
    1. Students must exit the building and directly head home (bus/car/bike/walk)
    2. If waiting for a ride-must stay 6 feet apart
    3. 3rd floor, West half of the floor will exit using the west stairs, east half of the building will exit using center stairs.
    4. 2nd floor, West half of the floor will exit using the west stairs, east half of the building will exit using center stairs.
    5. 1st floor, exit through the main doors.


  • Students will wear mask and maintain physical distance while waiting at the bus stop.  
  • Masks are required while on the bus 
  • All windows at the front and rear of the bus and all roof hatches will be open to maintain proper ventilation and to create a circulation of air flow – students should dress appropriately for the bus ride  
  • In the morning, at the bus stop – students will load and fill the seats from back of the bus to the front of the bus. 
  • Students should sit one student per seat as much as possible to maximize physical distancing. If students need to share seats, they should always remain seated and facing forward.  
  • Siblings/household members should always sit together in the same seat. 
  • At the school, the driver will remind students to remain seated. Students will exit the bus from front to back.   
  • In the afternoon going home – students will load the bus from back to front based on bus stop- last bus stop in the back, first bus stop in the front. 
  • Students should maintain physical distancing when entering and leaving the bus. 
  • Eating and Drinking on the bus is not permissible 


Drinking Water During School

Note: Water may only be consumed in designated areas which include lunchroom during lunch and "Yellow Rooms".  Drinking in classrooms and hallways is not allowed.

  1. Water fountains are open
  2. If you have a water bottle, you must drink from it in the pod Yellow Room
  3. Ask teacher for permission to get a drink
  4. Teacher checks to make sure there is not a student in the Yellow Room before sending student out
  5. Student takes water bottle with them to Yellow Room
  6. Student returns to classroom


Bathroom Usage

  1. Bathrooms
    1. Bathrooms used only during class time
    2. Mask must be worn at all times
    3. Hang classroom bathroom pass on hook as you walk in while you use the bathroom/wash hands
    4. If there are two bathroom passes hanging on the hook, wait in line until someone comes out of the bathroom area to wash their hands and takes their pass

Classroom Procedures

  1. Classroom procedures
    1. Entering - queue up outside classroom, no waiting in hallway to sit next to friends
    2. Sanitize hands when enter a classroom
    3. Fill in seats according to the seating chart
    4. Follow teacher directions
    5. Masks are always on, this is non negotiable, and no water drinking in classroom
    6. During any classroom breaks, students must stay within classroom
    7. Students will clean desks/chairs at the end of class

Walking Throughout the Building

  • Hallways are divided into two "lanes"
  • Always walk on the right side of the hallway
  • No cutting across hallways to get to classes on opposite side of hallway.  You must continue to the round table ("roundabout") near the end of each hallway, go around table to change direction and continue to class.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance between other people
  • Staircases are designated as one-way.  Some are up-only, some are down-only.  Signs in stairwells indicate direction
  • Refer to maps for more information

Lunch Procedure

  1. Entering commons for lunch from Wolf Den
  2. Students buying lunch stay in right lane and get in school lunch line
  3. Students bringing lunch directed to their chair, go to assigned seat immediately
  4. Stay in seat during lunch period, personal items to right of chair
  5. Seated, mask off.  Standing, mask on.
  6. Raise hand to use bathroom, dismissed by adult to use bathroom
  7. Gather all personal items, throw trash away when garbage cans go by.
  8. Adult comes by with paper towel, another adult comes by and sprays chair, students wipe chair, students stays standing after sanitizing.
  9. Dismissed row by row
  10. Microwaves will not be available for use.

General School Expectations

  1. Follow all Covid 19 Safety Protocols at all times.
  2. No Cell Phone Use during school hours (8:25am - 1:40pm).
  3. Follow Dress Code outlines in the Student Handbook

Sick Student

  1. If a student starts to have symptoms
    1. Teacher calls main office and says we have a symptomatic student, need an escort
    2. COVID team member will gear up and escort student from classroom to Q-Room
    3. School nurse will work with student and family on pick up from school and next steps for when student can return to school
    4. Each case is individual
  2. Expectations of Students - The PACK Way
    1. Show care with our face, body, and words
    2. What happens in the classroom stays in the classroom--keep it private and don't talk about it with others
    3. Welcome the person back--when they can come back to class, it means they are 100% healthy and safe to be at school again!